The legend of blueCiNNAMON

Since the beginning of mankind human beings have used spices for their tastiness as well as for their healing powers. Spices are the real creative components of any dish, even small quantities can have - well used - a big effect. It is the spices who make the real difference in a dish without really dominating it.

Cinnamon is a very common and well liked spice. Cinnamon is well received by the body. The inherent warmth has powerful stimulating powers which increase the well being. Even for fasting cinnamon is recommended.

Blue is associated with water the source of all life. It creates images of width and depth, great strength, flexibility and dynamism. Blue is also the color of technology. It forms a contrast to cinnamon and symbolizes the more systematic aspects.

In blueCiNNAMON both elements merge into a whole. And through this the idea of the company is mirrored in the name.